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SST offers quality training in various fields with the understanding of what individuals, employees and career oriented participants, hope to achieve.  Our training includes a wide range of programs from Computer Education, Multimedia & Graphic Designing, Hardware and Software Courses, Web-Development, Microsoft Office, Accounting and Business Courses, English Language Courses, and many more..

We follow a scientific approach in the planning, preparation, implementation and scheduling of all courses.   Our aim is to provide individuals with the required knowledge, skills, and abilities in specific areas which will enable them to enhance his/her performance leading to a career growth.

In the fast growing technological and scientific world, it is important to acquire new skills and adopt to the changes on a regular basis, specifically in the field of Information Technology.  All our training programs are designed to accommodate these needs and along with G-TEC Education we provide the most updated syllabus and contents.

Current Courses: